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Re: [opensuse-packaging] locate a list of perl modules on the 'openSUSE Build Service'

Am Samstag, 4. April 2015 schrieb doiggl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:
Can anyone locate a list of perl modules on the 'openSUSE Build

Yes - you ;-)

You asked similar questions for other perl modules in the last weeks, so
just replace the module name in your question (and in the answers you
were given), and I'm sure you'll easily find most of the modules listed
below yourself.

Can these packages be included in perl repository, please.
Where can I find these perl modules on the 'openSUSE Build Service'

Many of them are already there ;-)

Checking for DBD-Pg (v2.7.0) not found

That translates to
BuildRequires: perl(DBD::Pg) >= 2.007
Requires: perl(DBD::Pg) >= 2.007

The only detail you need to know: the perl version numbers always use 3
digit blocks, so change 2.7 -> 2.007 and 1.29 -> 1.029 in the

Checking for DBD-SQLite (v1.29) not found
Checking for DBD-Oracle (v1.19) not found
Checking for GD (v1.20) not found
Checking for Chart (v2.1.0) not found
Checking for Template-GD (any) not found
Checking for GDTextUtil (any) not found
Checking for GDGraph (any) not found
Checking for RadiusPerl (any) not found
Checking for mod_perl (v1.999022) not found
Checking for Apache-SizeLimit (v0.96) not found

These are your homework - just "translate" them to (Build)Requires like
I showed above.

When you have done that, feel free to come back with the (much shorter)
list of modules that really aren't there - or search for them yourself
using something like osc se -s perl-DBD ;-)


Christian Boltz
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