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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Different gcc behaviour in osc chroot and on host system
On 2015-04-03 15:51:29 +0200, Stanislav Baiduzhyi wrote:
While trying to build customized openjdk package, I've encountered
thing... The command, listed below, works fine on host system but fails on
chrooted system (both systems are openSUSE 13.2 with stock gcc).
with it showed that it starts to work as soon as I move '-lz' from the
beginning of the command to the very end.

The failure is exactly like here, with undefined references to zlib:

I've found the fix on openSUSE Java:Factory project, so the question is about
difference between host and chroot. What can be the cause of such a different

This is "caused" by the post-build-checks package, which is usually installed
when building in the obs/chroot.

Is there some additional package that may be installed on my host
system but was not dragged by dependencies to the chrooted system? Or some
flag or config file?

The post-build-checks package provides a /etc/profile.d/
file that exports SUSE_ASNEEDED=1, which causes ld to behave as if it was
called with the "--as-needed" option (see the patch in the binutils package).

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