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[opensuse-packaging] Package integration into AppStream based stores
Dear Packagers,

Since recently, openSUSE Tumbleweed has a new generator for AppStream
Metadata, which processes all RPMs during the Repository creation.

What uses AppStream Metadata
The metadata describes what 'Applications' can be found in a
repository, rather than what packages. As such, it's obvious target is
'Software Centers'. At this moment, GNOME Software is the only
Software center shipped in openSUSE Tumbleweed that makes use of this
metadata. But I heard of a KDE Software Center in 'the works' as well.
So this is not GNOME Thing.

What does my package have to provide to be shown in the Software Center
AS a bare minimum, the package containing the application must have a
.desktop file (sounds almost obvious). If nothing else, the .destop
file must have a Name, Generic Name and Comment field to describe the
app at a bare minimum.

The package must contain an icon, of at least 32x32 pxels (64x64
preferred). The icon must be installed below /usr/share/icons/ or
/usr/share/pixmaps. It must not be referenced from the .desktop file
by an absolute path outside these locations. Also, it must be a real
file, not a symlink to a file outside /usr/share/{icons,pixmaps}. The
same is also required by another project, called 'xdg-app', which aims
at containerizing applications (using ostree and nspawn). Icons must
be accessible in the defined locations.

Optional: The applicstion can present itself with much better
information in the Software Center (incl. Screenshots, work in
progress for openSUSE). In this case, the package containing the
.desktop file has to also install a .appdata.xml file. The
specification for the appdata format can be found at

Which applications do currently show up inthe Software Center
As a human aid, the metadata generator also outputs a HTML File, which
can be found at

My package does not show in the SC
Ensure all the pre-requisites are met. You can also check
which generally contains information of a 'veto', why a package was
skipped to be added to the AppStream metadata. Most common one is "No
'Comment' in desktop or in AppData"

Is it mandatory for my package to provide all this
At this moment it is not mandated, but is surely a good thing for the
users. Packages are fine from a technical PoV, but they are not what a
user should have to care for. Allowing to work in an 'Application'
view is more helpful in the long run.

Should you have any questions, simply ask,

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