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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: [opensuse-packaging] heads-up: dropping SLE11 compatibility in d:l:python and python3
Dne Po 23. února 2015 18:16:04, Richard Brown napsal(a):
(Fellow d:l:py reviewers, please consider adopting this policy too.)

We're a community. And for that community, the various groups within
it need to work together. That requires communication and
consultation. Based on the above quoted line, it seems you are
arbitrarily making a decision regarding d:l:py without consulting your
colleagues who also review d:l:py

The userlist of d:l:py suggests there are 8 other individuals besides
yourself who should have been involved in a decision like this before
any announcement like this should have been made.

If you've decided to do this on your own, without consulting *at
least* your colleagues in that development group (ideally major
changes with a wide impact should also be discussed with wider
community before actions are taken) then I consider this announcement
invalid, inappropriate, madness, and I could probably use stronger

Please clarify whether this announcement is a formal agreed upon
decision of the current maintainers of devel:languages:python and

If it is not, then please synchronise your practices with your fellow
maintainers before making any announcements.

Hello guys,

the general problem is that after Sasha as the guy who kept the sle11 part
always rolling left SYSE nobody cared much about dlp and it got kinda muddy.

I can vouch for that from the factory-maintainer PoV where most reviews were
open and had to be acked by me which I didn't enjoy that much as the python is
bit too active for my liking.
Also I am not saying there are not active people there, sometimes they pop up,
but it is for sure not the list we show up on the OBS. *EXTRA

What Jan should've changed in his message was to make it more in way "I am no
longer going to enforce sle11 support as the effort will be spent on redoing
the packaging a bit" (see mails on -packaging wrt the things he wants to do
there). And he simply recommends the others to do so, or chip in more actively
to maintain the sle11 thingy. Which he already did clarify while I am writing
this mail... So no more to this topic :-)


The lists of users allowed to commit we have in obs are completely broken and
can bring one to false conclusions (like package is maintained, need not to
bother much) and another fancy issues.

We do not have any way how to determine if people actually abandoned packages
or projects and nobody checks them too much.

The oldest request opened against some devel projects is 9 months old and I
guess if one day I won't kick myself to accept/decline it somehow it will be
opened for bit longer... :)

To ilustrate I shall borrow databases project [1], there is list of active
members, where from the guys really active there it is kstreitova, miska (when
bribed as usual ;)) and I didn't notice much anyone else.
Just looking on it you think there are some people and reviewers, but quite
the oposite is the reality... And this funky thing we have in most projects,
and don't get me started on individual packages ;-)

Sadly I don't have any obvious solution to this situation, one would be to
have some "heartbeat" monitor that would show when last time person touched in
specified area, and if it would be without activity for couple of months he
would get mail telling him that he would be removed from group unless active
in some time again...


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