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[opensuse-packaging] debuginfo

some years ago I understood some of the stuff but apparently forgot
almost everything again.

I'm hunting an issue that the Firefox debugsymbols (the google-breakpad
ones) which are created in the build step do not match the binaries
ending up in the package. This means that crashreports sent to Mozilla
cannot be decoded and are useless.
Nothing changed in the packages and the way all that is handled and it
worked in the past (I cannot exactly tell when it stopped working).

For verifying which step of the build could be culprit I've disabled the
debuginfo flag in OBS and rebuilt the package. Afterwards the breakpad
symbols did match again. I've also verified that stripping the binaries
via command strip does not change the ID and therefore stripping itself
is not hurting the procedure.
Therefore I'm pretty sure something in RPMs is doing
something which changes the breakpad ID. I cannot tell what it is but it
wasn't an issue in the past.

So the following question:
- what does do which changes the breakpad ID

And as a sidequestion out of curiousity:
- what is expected when the debuginfo flag is removed from OBS?
Do binaries still contain debugsymbols? (apparently no)
Do shared libs still contain debugsymbols? (apparently yes)
Is that expected?

I need to find a solution since the breakpad symbols are actually more
useful for me since users don't have to do anything special (using gdb)
to report crashes. But the "distro" way is to have the debuginfo
packages usable with gdb. If both cannot be achieved at the same time,
I'm not sure what to do.

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