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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Re: Proper version scheme for packages from git, hg, svn, ...

On Tuesday 2014-01-14 14:18, Adam Spiers wrote:

I don't think Jan is opposed to using git (he offered to push his clone
somewhere IIRC)

No, he actually did push it - not just offer.

.oO(But putting it up and talking about it on a public mailing list,
I at least fulfill "offering" in a legal sense.) ~random thought~

he is opposed to using github. Which are two different subjects.

Yes, I was fully aware of that. But he was claiming a similarity
between requesting submissions via github and using a non-git

The intent was to say: Requestion a github submission would seem to
require registering at Github, which _poses_ an entry barrier.
A non-git solution would also pose an entry barrier. In both
cases significant enough to just walk away.

"Submit patches in the way upstream wants to receive them"

Yes, but tread lightly.

A good maintainer should be prepared to accept nonperfect submissions
massage the code to his needs, doctrines or development environment.

Rejecting a patch that fails to apply with TortoiseSVN even though it
is totally compliant to the unified diff specification is something
not within my maintainer ideals.
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