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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Re: Proper version scheme for packages from git, hg, svn, ...

On Saturday 2014-01-11 14:53, Adam Spiers wrote:

OK, so let's assume I have a bunch of tags like:
etc. We are looking for a programmatic solution which can be automated by
tools such as tar_scm. You are presumably suggesting to use something like
git describe --match='v[0-9]*.[0-9]'


With the match pattern be an argument to whatever script calls that,
because that is invariably user-specific, which is also why the match
pattern was an argument in the perl script I had posted. Hence, all I
really asked of the user is to name his tags such and such that he
himself can give a reasonable short algorithm to distinguish them.

And this glob is necessarily brittle, because very often the person
maintaining the upstream repository containing the tags is different
to the person maintaining the downstream package,

An upstream can always screw up downstream -- heck, they do all the
time with something as banal as release tarballs' filenames, which
affects our URIs in Source: lines in .spec files, and /debian/watch.
So, 'lo and behold, git tags are no different.

Regardless, that is not a valid solution,
because it breaks instantly when the first tag is introduced to the

And why would that be?

Because the tag offset will reset to zero, violating the requirement
that it increases strictly monotonically.

The offset may move to zero, but in the same go, the tag is increased
by "one". Making %version go from 2013.1-1500-gxxxx (2013.1~git1500) to
2013.2-1-gxxxx (2013.2~git1) is perfectly fine.
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