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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Re: Proper version scheme for packages from git, hg, svn, ...

On Saturday 2014-01-11 00:40, Adam Spiers wrote:

Please can you explain exactly how you would programmatically obtain
the "tag-offset"

It's described in text form in the wiki article.

use IPC::Open3;
use strict;
sub grab {
local(*CIN, *COUT, *CERR);
my $pid = open3(\*CIN, \*COUT, \*CERR, @_);
chomp(my $line = <COUT>);
waitpid($pid, 0);
return ($line, $? >> 8); # need something better than "$?"?
sub result {
print "Version: $_[0]\n";
my $commit = shift(@ARGV) || "HEAD";
my $pattern = shift(@ARGV) || "*";
my @args = ("git", "describe", "--match=$pattern",
"--abbrev=0", $commit);
my($base, $err) = &grab(@args);
if ($err != 0) {
chomp(my $len = `git rev-list "$commit" | wc -l`);
splice(@args, 3, 1); # remove --abbrev=0
my($offset) = &grab(@args);
&result($base) if ($base eq $offset);
&result("$base~git$offset") if ($offset =~ s{^\Q$base\E-(\d+)-g\w+$}{$1});
print STDERR "This should not happen.\n";

The version ought to be monotonically increasing somehow. The
timestamp does that, sure, but so does the tag-offset (for a given
branch that is being continuously packaged)

and explain why it is reliably monotonically increasing?

If you stay on a given branch, if you make a commit, you add +1 to
the distance. If you make a merge commit, you add some +n (n>0) to
the reported distance. It _can't_ go backwards.

For example, if a non-release tag is introduced into the
repository, how would you ensure that the tag-offset doesn't suddenly
drop back to zero?

git describe --match=

One would at least hope you name your release tags reasonably unique
that they are programmatically distinguishable from nonrel tags (that
would also be worthwhile from a human perspective).

And then there's still the case where there are no tags, and I don't
agree with the point of view that every repository should have tags.

And the wiki page (and the perl above) has a solution for that as
well, which would tell me you did not visit the wiki page again ever
since last September's discussion.
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