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[opensuse-packaging] Packages failing to link

the last binutils update broke linking of executables in some packages.
E.g. php5. The symptom looks like this:

$ gcc -o conftest conftest.c -lc-client -lssl -lpam
undefined reference to `pam_start'

So an application linking against some libx (c-client above) needing
symbols of liby (libpam above), where libx itself isn't linked against
liby. I.e. it's expected that all users of libx need to link against liby
themself. This situation _is_ normally okay.

Except that the recent binutils (in connection with link with --as-needed
which is the default in our build-system) update broke it when those
symbols are only provided in a versioned variant (like the pam symbols
from There's a work-around, namely explicitely linking
against liby when producing libx. Otherwise you'll have to wait for an
updated and fixed binutils.

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