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[opensuse-packaging] Fwd: Request 209576: Review wanted

I'm in the process of replacing Hermes mails by built in OBS
notifications and to avoid any surprises on your side: here is an
example mail in case you want to prepare your mail filters - or
have other wishes on their headers (or content). I basically tried
to mimic what bugzilla adds in the mail headers.

It will be possible to disable notifications in OBS, but we're not
sure yet how and when it will be ready. So I will roll this out very
slowly :)

Greetings, Stephan
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  • From: obs-email@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2013 09:08:54 +0100
  • Message-id: <52a18616d145b_69f8329e985734c@api.mail>
Request 209576 (by coolo) requires a review by group factory-auto

Request description:
Purely to test emails, I don't care :)

But we can test if chinese chars show correctly in emails :)

泏狔狑 逜郰傃 磃箹糈 摮 詵貄, 鞮鞢騉 磻禫穛 歅 馺骱 氍爟 儋圚墝 嶭嶴憝 巕氍爟 跣, 滘 觾韄 蠿饡驦 洷炟砏, 筩 硾禖 姛帡恦 鋧鋓頠 魆
黐曮禷 坁妢岈 衒袟 跾 氉燡磼 瘑睯碫 滭滹漇 竀篴, 轒醭 榯 蕡蕇蕱 賌輈鄍, 鰝鰨 倱哻圁 雈靮傿 潿熥獘 輘 薋薉 漊煻獌 銈銙鉾 燲獯璯 誙

踙 諨諿 廑憀慡 脀蚅蚡 蜬蝁蜠, 扴汥 燲獯璯 婰婜孲 鑴鱱爧 榱 駺駹 痵痽筩 僣劁嘕 榯 擙樲 裺觨誖 芘芛芤 踣, 樏殣 黐曮禷 哱哸娗 萰葍萯 慛,
髬 踛輣 駓駗鴀 忷扴汥 羭聧蔩 漊 廘榙 瞗穇縍 怲杶沷 蒰裧頖, 蒮 僇鄗 喥喓堮 薉蕺薂 怲杶沷 鳱 沀皯竻 椵楘溍 咥垵, 涬淠淉 蝑蝞蝢 瑆皵 賗
撖 墡嬇 稘稒稕 鴸鼢曘 僄塓塕, 鳻嶬幧 蠸衋醾 馺 稢綌 愄揎揇 茇茺苶 訬軗郲 鬳鴙 榃, 瘑睯碫 鑏鑆驈 涒浘 毹, 磏 虰豖阹 觶譈譀 纑臞蘬 磝磢

- submit devel:languages:ruby:extensions/rubygem-mixlib-shellout =>

changes files:
--- rubygem-mixlib-shellout.changes
+++ rubygem-mixlib-shellout.changes
@@ -1,0 +2,5 @@
+Wed Dec 4 11:31:21 UTC 2013 - coolo@xxxxxxxx
+- updated to version 1.3.0, no changelog



spec files:
--- rubygem-mixlib-shellout.spec
+++ rubygem-mixlib-shellout.spec
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@

Name: rubygem-mixlib-shellout
-Version: 1.2.0
+Version: 1.3.0
Release: 0
%define mod_name mixlib-shellout
%define mod_full_name %{mod_name}-%{version}

other changes:

++++++ mixlib-shellout-1.2.0.gem -> mixlib-shellout-1.3.0.gem
Binary files mixlib-shellout-1.2.0.gem and mixlib-shellout-1.3.0.gem differ

openSUSE Build Service (

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