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[opensuse-packaging] Best practices for a library with backends?

I am getting involved with , the UI
library powering YaST.

The basic design is a core library, libyui, which provides the API
but has no actual UI. One of the 3 backends, libyui-{ncurses,gtk,qt},
is needed.

I am looking for examples of best practices of versioning the shared
libraries and setting up the dependencies among the parts of the

Current problems of libyui in this area:

- not being careful about the so-versioning. That is a solved
problem for a single(!) library, see

- the user-facing ABI of libyui and the backend-facing ABI are not
well separated. Is there any project which has figured this out?

- expressing the dependency "the core lib needs at least one backend
with a matching ABI" is done via the yui_backend symbol but that
breaks bootstrapping the build (See Fedora 19 on )

Can you point me to any projects that handle this situation (common
api + backends), however well?
Martin Vidner, Cloud & Systems Management Team

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