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[opensuse-packaging] noarch (sub-)package with ELF files in it
Background. Currently grub2 is split between grub2 containing user
level utilities (should probably be really called grub2-tools or
similar) and subpackages for each platform that contain boot-time
files (kernel and modules). The actual bootloader binary for each
platform is built at run time from those files.

From currently running OS PoV those modules are simply opaque data.
They are *never* executed on current OS and grub tools that use them to
build executable image work identically on every platform. I.e. you can
use grub2-mkimage to built usable grub executable (core.img) for SPARC,
PPC64 or ARM while being on i386 system as long as files for these
platforms are present. Built grub executable will be exactly identical
independently of host OS architecture used to create it.

Currently all grub2 subpackages are arch-dependent. This already means
we have two absolutely identical packages - grub2-i386-pc for i386 and
x86_64 (grub2 run-time on legacy BIOS is always 32 bit). As long as this
was the only overlap this could be ignored. But now upstream added
native support for Xen PV guests (a.k.a. pvgrub2). grub2 core.img must
match guest architecture; which would mean that we'd need two
*identical* subpackages for each i386 and x86_64 and possibly for other
archs (ARM?)

So I'm looking at making those subpackages noarch. That would reduce
build time (could skip building some of them) and space (omitting
identical packages). In principle from pure RPM PoV it works without
problems. But our build tools get confused. The problems I hit so far.

1. rpmlint complaints about

2. (special case) rpmlint complaints about
suse-filelist-forbidden-noarch due to /usr/lib64/efi/grub.efi - our
signed EFI bootloader.

Providing rpmlintrc unfortunately does not help for x86_64 case - when
package is signed it is apparently being run through rpmlint as extra
step *after* being built and fails because rpmlintrc is ignored.

For 2 it probably makes sense to split binary in separate subpackage
anyway. But for 1?

So is it possible to do it? Would it be OK according to policies? Clean
way to do it?

You can see current work in home:arvidjaar:grub2-next:noarch/grub2
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