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Re: [opensuse-packaging] libortp
On Thursday 2013-06-20 16:59, Mariusz Fik wrote:


I'm working on update libortp[1]. For now, we have package named libortp8 and
version 0.20.0. Updating to current release 0.22.0 bumps so from 8 to 9. And
now I have a dilemma, should I create a new package named libortp9 and let it
reside along with libortp8 or create libortp (and avoid re-adding new package
in the future when so gets higher number) and remove libortp8?

1. Multiple source packages may exist, if-f the newest ortp version
cannot yet simply be used by some programs.

2. a. Now, the most recent version of a library should be in a source
package preferably just called like upstream.
b. Any potential past versions (see clause #1) should be put into a
source package that does not clash with the name chosen in a.

Non-normative notes: 2b is commonly implemented by choosing either the
SO-version-based variant something produces (think source package:
devel/libraries/c_c++/libexpat0), or by using the version

(I should put this somewhere into the wiki once I found the right page
to add it to.)

The basic goal is to avoid having to rename a source package all the

Speaking of ortp, the source package could probably be called ortp
rather than libortp, since the former is the upstream name. Maybe ask
upstream if they have any preference. To me, the library also looks like
a candidate also be topically placed into network:telephony rather than
the generic d:l:c_c++ dump site.
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