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[opensuse-packaging] guidelines for moving programs between packages

are there any guidelines on how to move programs from one package to
another - while guaranteeing that the program is installed any time
(either by the old or by the new package)?

The case:
su and kill are moved from coreutils to util-linux upstreams.
It'd be "quite not so optimal" if an installation would be left
behind without them ...

Therefore we're trying to add a hack in coreutils.rpm to install the
su binary as su-core, and to create a symlink "su" pointing to it in
the %post script when "su" does not already exist (i.e. is not yet
installed by a newer util-linux.rpm):

test -e %{_bindir}/su || ln -sv su.core %{_bindir}/su

The problem is the order in RPM i.e. when %post is run:
According to my tests, it is obviously run _before_ the old version
of the coreutils package is uninstalled. Thus, su of the old version
is still there, and the symlink is not created. ;-(

D: %post(coreutils-8.21-0.x86_64): scriptlet start

D: %post(coreutils-8.21-0.x86_64): waitpid(4078) rc 4078 status 0
D: ========== +++ coreutils-8.17-6.2.1 x86_64-linux 0x0
D: erase: coreutils-8.17-6.2.1 has 287 files
Cleaning up / removing...
D: fini 124755 1 ( 0, 0) 44288 /usr/bin/su

The strangest thing is that RPM seems to behave different during
`osc build` ...

Any ideas?

Thank you & have a nice day,
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