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[opensuse-packaging] Make Shared Library Policy easier to read and follow
Hi all,

I consider the Shared Library Policy as a bad structured and writted
document, so I've decided to restructure to be more readable and give
the needed information on the begining. Or to reduce crufty sections,
like exceptions and so.

My attempt is here

I try to not change anything regarding a policy, just make it easy to
follow. That's the reason the example is the first thing people can see
and not the last one, where "boring" libtool theory is behind.

It's not in a fully reviewed state, especially the last three sections
6 Best Practices
7 Exceptions
8 Hints

Should be moved to appropriate place in the document, but in overall I
see it as a better version if the original, because it try to explain
all aspects from the begining. That includes the name of source package,
devel package and so.

But there is the unclear point (and I blame the structure of the policy)
- the name of the devel package. The zlib example uses the zlib-devel
($source-devel), which might be the prefered form.

However the curl example taken from existing policy says

* libcurl4
* libcurl-devel
* curl
* curl-ca-bundle

or the zlib example

uses the libz1-devel, where I used the zlib-devel, which seems to be
more convenient. So as part of this rewrite, I propose to select one
naming rule for the -devel packages (I mean for the case, where we don't
need to use versioning, the libcurl4-devel/libcurl3-devel might be
different story).

I'm waitint on a feedback
Michal Vyskocil
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