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[opensuse-packaging] systemd status in Factory : WAIT BEFORE UPGRADING TO CURRENT FACTORY
Hi all,

as some people noticed, despite testing new systemd release in a Staging
repository for some weeks, some bugs went into the upgrade.

Those bugs are due to both systemd and udev being moved to /usr.

What does it means for packagers :
- systemd will continue to check its .service from /lib/systemd/system,
in addition to /usr/lib/systemd/system (and /etc/systemd/system) but
packagers should change their package to use the new location for
Factory (an rpmlint rule to detect that will be enabled soon)
- udev will only check /usr/lib/udev/rules.d. The udev package has been
modified to migrate /lib/udev/ to /usr/lib/udev and replace /lib/udev by
a symlink to /usr/lib/udev. So, packages installing rules in /lib/udev
should still be ok but they should be fixed to use the new rules (I've
fixed all known broken packages in Factory already). Again, an rpmlint
rule for this will be enabled soon in Factory
- RUN+="socket:..." rules are not longer supported by udev 195. The only
remaining package using it is multipath and Hanne is fixing it.

Current issues
- filesystem upgrade: this one is still under investigation
(fortunately, Robert has a VM exhibiting the bug so I'll be able to test
this one). For M1, filesystem was reverted to its previous state and
we'll see on re-doing the changes after M1 is out.
- mkinitrd needed to be modified to correctly handle udev new path but
unfortunately, I missed one directory in my patch to handle this. Fixed
package should be pushed in Factory pretty soon.
- udev was supposed to move /lib/udev to /usr/lib/udev but one test in
the install script in udev package was wrong, which was preventing
the /lib/udev move. This will be also fixed soon.

Until all those issues are fixed (I'll sent a follow-up mail here), please


Frederic Crozat <fcrozat@xxxxxxxx>

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