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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Packaging Guideline enforcement
On Sun, 2012-10-28 at 14:01 -0300, Cristian Rodríguez wrote:
On 30/08/12 06:23, pgajdos@xxxxxxx wrote:

Right. I will not resubmit packages declined for missing patch tag.

Me neither, In fact I am considering not submitting anything at all anymore.

It is very sad that politics and bureaucracy have taken over.

This new policies are absolutely ridiculous and want nothing to do with it.

Free software should not be confused with Anarchy... it's not that our
packaging guidelines are really tough... and sorry to say: 'packaging is
a job to be taken serious' - which comes with maintainership.

It's not the thing to be done 'next to the distribution'.. it is
actually the task that forms and shapes the distribution (of course,
together with the tarballs, which are even more important)

And just on the topic: the patch tag has, so far, NEVER been a reason
for a reject in Factory (can be handled different in different devel
projects... some are a bit stricter on that).

And just once more, 'slowly' for everybody to read: the documentation of
patches is useful for a few aspects:
- Lifecycle of a patch gives clear indication for other packagers when a
patch was added and removed.. so it's always clear they are conscious
about them.. I've seen a lot of patches 'dropped' (by just putting a
comment sign) and nobody knew why or what.. until a bug came in and then
oh wonder: that patch was just commented because it did not apply.. and
nobody new... great 'team work' (which, by the way, could be seen as a
different word for 'community')

I for myself prefer having packagers submitting their stuff that take it
serious, that are aware of what they are doing and that do not just
consider this a playground. Otherwise, try to submit any 'hack patches'
to any serious upstream project... best, make a 200 line patch for the
kernel without any 'documentation' of why for what it is... I bet it
won't be applied (git format-patch does produce some documentation based
on your commit log.. that does not count here... I'd really challenge
you to just send a "git diff" over).

Best regards,

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