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The following packages have been failing to build on Factory for more
than 30 days. This is a reminder for anybody that could be interested
in any of them. Any package failing to build for more than 100 days
will be dropped from openSUSE.

- libgcj43 Fails for 277 days: undefined reference to
- elilo Fails for 92 days: undefined reference to
`__stack_chk_fail_local' (New upstream version 3.14 available)
- opensuse-manuals_ru Fails for 86 days: java 1.7 breaks it
- selinux-policy Fails for 74 days: error(s) encountered while parsing
configuration (Different changes in devel project (since 6 months))
- libgcj41 Fails for 47 days: java test cases...
- compiz Fails for 44 days: kwin changes
- kdegraphics3 Fails for 42 days: gphoto update (Current sources were
declined: request 138654)
- xerces-j2-bootstrap Fails for 33 days: temporary failure
- hawk Fails for 33 days: cannot load such file --
gettext/tools/rgettext (rails 2 vs rails 3?)
- python-tagpy Fails for 33 days: taglib update
- rubygem-webyast-time Fails for 31 days: Missing partial
shared/online_help (Different changes in devel project (since 23
- ccscript3 Fails for 30 days: undefined reference to `main' (Request
139531 to network:telephony)
- iscsitarget Fails for 30 days: kernel 3.6

This is a test. Please give some feedback. Anything to improve? Did
this email actually helped you?
The email was sent BCC to the package maintainers I could identify. I
couldn't identify one clear one for ccscript3 and sent it to the
latest .changes entry.
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