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[opensuse-packaging] RFC: Tagging backported patches in the spec

The packaging portal has some guidelines regarding the tagging of
patches in the spec file of a package

From time to time I find myself backporting patches from the upstream
sources, and though I am not so sure if it is the correct way to name
it, I started using the following tag


the backporting process.

Portal states the following definition for PATCH-FIX-OPENSUSE:
"Fixes for openSUSE-specific things, that upstream maintainers won't be
interested in"

Well a backported patch is definetely not something the upstream is
going to get interested. It is also not something specific to doing
things openSUSE way.

Portal states the following definition for PATCH-FEATURE-OPENSUSE:
"Features for openSUSE-specific things (AppArmor integration, for
instance) with no interest for upstream maintainers."

Clearly a backport is not a feature, well one can argue the fact that it
makes the package with more feature compared to the original source.

So if the aim of the tagging process as stated in the above webpage is
"To facilitate the use of automatic tools -- and to help future
packagers", PATCH-FIX-BACKPORT clearly indicates the nature of the patch
and it is easy to distinguish to remove with the next package version
update as the source package should include the backported source

What is your take in the creating a new tag "PATCH-FIX-BACKPORT"



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