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[opensuse-packaging] Best way to fix user filtering in accountsservice?

accountsservice is the service used in GNOME to get info about accounts
on the system. The latest release change the way user filtering works.

Quick summary:

- before 0.16.6: we were filtering out users based on UID (do not show
users if uid < UID_MIN, where UID_MIN icomes from /etc/login.defs)
- now: we're filtering out users based on the shell (nologin & false
are hidden)

On top of that, we have a blacklist of users to never show.

That sounds reasonable except that now I see users in gdm, while they
should be filtered out. Those are:

ftp:x:40:49:FTP account:/srv/ftp:/bin/bash
games:x:12:100:Games account:/var/games:/bin/bash
man:x:13:62:Manual pages viewer:/var/cache/man:/bin/bash
suse-ncc:x:106:108:Novell Customer Center
beagleindex:x:108:111:User for Beagle indexing:/var/cache/beagle:/bin/bash

I guess ftp, games and man are provided by some base package. Is there
any reason those are using bash as shell instead of nologin? Can we fix
this? Or should we just blacklist them?

It's harder for suse-ncc and beagleindex as, as far as I know, those
are purely historical users from older versions of openSUSE that are
still there after upgrading. So I wonder what the right fix is: should
we just blacklist them, or would it be acceptable to change their shell
in %post of accountsservice? That last solution sounds wrong to me, but
it also might fix other issues in the long term...



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