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Re: [opensuse-packaging] php5-pear-xinc problem

Am 02.03.12 17:03, schrieb Dominique Leuenberger a.k.a DimStar:

Quoting Marguerite Su <i@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

On Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 1:31 PM, Johannes Weberhofer
<jweberhofer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks for your quick help. I have done that and fixed some rpmlint
errors & warnings. it can build successfully now.

But there're still 3 out of my effort (I'm not familiar with these
warnings and 'cause my mother language is not English/I'm not major in
CS, I can't understand what they are talking about, even with
explanations on Wiki.). can you help me polishing it further ?

They are:

W: percent in %post (I am not the author of your work. I have no idea
which "%" triggers this warning)

I suggest you check the resulting package with rpm -qp --scripts <rpmname>
==> If you see some % somewhere, you can identify what was not expanded and
might have wrong side-effects

You have copied my pear_xmldir whilst you are using xmldir; that can't expand.

W: missing-lsb-keyword (not familiar with shell, and I don't know what
is "lsb")
LSB: Linux Standard Base
It likely is caused by missing headers in the /etc/init.d/xinc script being

There is a description available at

W: htaccess-file (not familiar with apache rewrite rule and regex´╝ë

I don't think there is anything wrong here: it's simpy a warning that you DO
have a .htaccess file; it might or might not work on an installed system.


Best Regards,

Johannes Weberhofer
Weberhofer GmbH, Austria, Vienna
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