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Re: [opensuse-packaging] automake fails to build
Am 04.11.2011 16:33, schrieb Greg Freemyer:

The below is all based on the WebUI which is my favorite way to admin
my OBS packages. Also I have tried to consistent and accurate of my
use of the terms project and package. I assume you know the

As implied by others, the first place you should look for openSUSE
compatible specfiles is OBS.

By that I mean, not

Searching at is cumbersome and it is very easy
to miss relevant packages. In particular it rarely finds packages
that are new and only in factory.

But using the search box at the top right of gives
a list of relevant packages.

Searching for "automake" I see about 50 or so versions. (Don't ask me
why so many?)

Then I normally scan down and try to find one in a devel project that
seems appropriate.

Then you 2 choices for branching a copy of the devel package to your home.

One is to go to the devel package overview and click "branch". (You
have to be logged in to get the branch option.)

That will create a sub-project called branch-devel-project in you home
project. And populate it with a branched version of the package.
Especially if you just want to work on the package standalone, fix it,
submit it, and delete it, that's nice and easy.

But often I want to branch the package to a specific sub-project of
mine. To do that, I go to my sub-project, list of packages, "branch
new package". It then asks for the name of the project and package I
want to branch from. I especially use this method if my source is
someone else's home project. I don't want to have a bunch of other
people's home projects branched to me. I just want their packages

The cool think about branching is it tracks the changes you make, so
from the file listing page you can get a list of the differences and
easily submit those changes back to the original project where the
maintainer can review, accept, reject them.

Hi Greg,

thanks for your answer, but I actually tried to package it my own to practise packaging at all. I know, I could have branched it, but that wasn´t my goal. I actually try to learn packaging and writing spec-files and I still believe that the best way to get knowledge in it is the learning by doing kind of stuff. So that´s what I´m doing with automake.

So, I guess the best solution now is, that I read Dominique´s blog post again and then start another try.

thanks for your help!

-o) Kim Leyendecker
/\\ openSUSE Ambassador, openSUSE Wiki Team DE
_\_v - Linux for open minds

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