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[opensuse-packaging] Policy change for factory

It wasn't enforced for quite a while, but now it's also gone from rpmlint so I
should make more people aware: please don't recompress tarballs unless it
saves >1MB for download.

The original policy was necessary because SUSE shipped a DVD, but by now
we ship 3 DVDs if people order source DVDs and one more doesn't really matter
(as the one ordering has to pay it anyway - but such orders are still very
rare ;)

And if you recompress your tarball, using bz2 might not be the best choice, xz
might save even more - many upstream projects change to it as default.

What will become policy sooner or later is that you should not have incorrect
source URLs behind Source*, so _if_ you have to recompress, don't lie in the
Source line, but put the original tar as comment and use local file names in

Greetings, Stephan
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