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Re: [opensuse-packaging] nginx-0.8?
aledr wrote:
0.9 is development yet and 0.7 is legacy but stills in development.

We have 3 versions in development right now, even that we don't have a
nginx-0.7 in OBS the name nginx-0.8 is for parallel installation (we
shall get a 0.9 as soon as It get stable).
And then you will be able to choose between 0.8 or 0.9 series...

As Marcus already wrote the package is not prepared for parallel
installation at all. None of the contained files is in a versioned
subdir. There's still the option to put other versions in versioned
subdirs and keep 0.8 as the recommended one. In that case the
package should simply be called "nginx". If at some point in time
another version is the stable, recommended one that new version can
be put in the "nginx" package, obsoleting the old, versioned
I've never seen any package putting a dot in it's name though so the
convention for the versioned package should be to replace the dot
with an underscore, similar to the shared library policy.
mv nginx-0.8 nginx
mv nginx-0.9 nginx-0_9


(o_ Ludwig Nussel
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