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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Need help with libname.
On 02/07/2011 02:48 PM, Philipp Thomas wrote:
* Dave Plater (davejplater@xxxxxxxxx) [20110207 08:16]:

The libraries in 1.9.0 are still .so.0.0.0 but I think the intention is

Keep in mind that you can have libraries ending in .so with no version
following that aren't symlinks. This is the case when yoo call libtool with
the --release parameter. In that case you're telling libtool, that the
library has a version but is binary incompatible to all other versions. In
that case libtool will create libraries with names like
lib<name>-<version>.so . This is documented behaviour.


That's extra food for thought, but the build log clearly shows libtool
symlinking with link OTH what is in
clearly gets changed along the way. I don't have time to spend on
mjpegtools atm, my first shared lib package openCOLLADA has changed a
lot and I have to update it to enable the latest blender to build and
I've picked up a few problems with the build, one library isn't getting
I'll get back to my libtool "baptism of fire" after openCOLLADA and
blender. It looks like the mjpegtools developer knows as much about
libtool as I do atm.

Dave P
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