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[opensuse-packaging] Need help with libname.
Hi, I split off all five of the libraries in the mjpegtools package (I
shouldn't have because it would have been on its way to factory by now)
and I'm having difficulty in getting the right shared library name for them.
I've even taken one lib and dissected the name and followed step by step
the reconstruction of the name following the guidlines.
The libs all have a revision of 0.0.0 and follow the same naming
pattern. This is the name of one which I have
called it's package liblavfile-1.99-0 (maybe I should try 1_99-0 but I'm
sure that was my first attempt) I've taken lib + name = liblavfile-1.99
and because the last letter of the name is really a digit -> 9 I've put
in a dash after the 99- and then the sonumber 0.
What am I doing wrong. I'm busy fixing a gstreamer blocker, I battled
with a new libs subpackage name with gstreamer plugins bad as well but
that ones numbers in the name had all underscores.
This maybe has something to do with the fact that the tarball was named
mjpegtools-2.0.0rc1 and I had to make the version 1.99.99 for the
upgrade path but I don't see the specfile version being passed to the
build anywhere and I took the version 1.99.99 from my head because the
author stated on the website that the next version will be 2.0.0. The
tarball decompresses to mjpegtools-2.0.0
Dave P
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