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Re: [opensuse-packaging] problem with branched project
On 02/02/2011 09:26 PM, Petr Cerny wrote:
Marcus Meissner wrote:
On Wed, Feb 02, 2011 at 06:50:13PM +0100, Petr Cerny wrote:

I have a problem with branched package: the main package has been
updated, so I did run "osc pull" to fix it. Apparently it has been
"fixed" indeed when I now try to commit changes, I'm getting the
following message:

openssh-5.7p1.dif mentioned in spec file does not exist.
ERROR: source_validator failed:

When I run "osc diff" on the package it doesn't show all changes,
just some - it seems to compare wrong versions of .spec files,
because "osc diff openssh.spec" shows correct diferences.

Have you encountered something similar? Am I forgetting something or
is it a known bug?

and after running just "osc up"?

Hmm... doesn't seem to help either:

$ osc co
The link in this package is currently broken. Checking
out the last working version instead; please use 'osc pull'
to repair the link.
At revision f9cb7e809ad4f4a6845dcdf43ea2b892

$ osc pull
Please fix the conflicts (files marked with 'C' above),
run 'osc resolved ...', and commit the changes
to update the link information.

$ osc up
skipping 'openssh.spec' (this is due to conflicts)
At revision f9cb7e809ad4f4a6845dcdf43ea2b892.

$ osc resolved *
Resolved conflicted state of ...

$ osc ci
openssh-5.7p1.dif mentioned in spec file does not exist.
ERROR: source_validator failed:

I encounter these problems frequently, the new behaviour of osc creating
a separate directory for the fixes seems to have improved matters but
when I encounter a proverbial brick wall follow these steps:
a) Make sure you have your spec file open in an editor, I find kde4.6
kwrite excellent because it tells you when the file you have open has
changed and you can view a diff, you have the option to ignore,
overwrite or reload.
b) Using the web ui view unmerged sources and delete the file _link
c) On the command line, use osc linkpac to reinstate the link and if
your timing is right you won't even need to use osc linktobranch to
change your link to a branch.
d) osc up
e) osc ci and all is well again.

Of course before you perform these steps, make sure that all is well in
your local copy.

Dave P
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