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Re: [opensuse-packaging] How to EULA in RPM package in OBS ?
On 2010-12-26 14:47:14 (+0100), Marcus Meissner <meissner@xxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sun, Dec 26, 2010 at 02:37:46PM +0100, Mathias Homann wrote:
Am Samstag 25 Dezember 2010 schrieb Pascal Bleser:
How can I make a package include an EULA message in the OBS ?
I checked the flash-player package in the non-free repository but
it has no apparent magic in it.
(and it's nowhere on the wiki either)

I asked the same question on the obs mailing list quite some time ago,
and it seems that that feature is not publicly available outside of
opensuse itself. :/

It is generated in primary.xml.gz to my knowledge, and so currently
not possible externally.

within the
XML tag. See the update repos for the sample.

Hmmm, ok, thanks. So it's not possible to do it from OBS packages

Thing is, I've got a funky package here which is GPLv3 but also has an
EULA (that one has to agree on before downloading the sources):

Hm, I guess I'll cat the license agreement text from %post then, with
something like "I you do not agree, remove this package".

I'll try to find someone to talk to at Canon to clarify.

-o) Pascal Bleser <pascal.bleser@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
/\\ -- I took the green pill
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