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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Tumbleweed "vendor" question
  • From: Cristian Morales Vega <cmorve69@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2010 03:52:04 +0100
  • Message-id: <AANLkTinuvx-av+GoSsY=TeWvuk=6mjf==KcKNTFmShcd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
2010/12/8 Greg KH <gregkh@xxxxxxx>:
I have it populated with only 3 packages at the moment, and it's
building against 11.3.

I added the repo to zypper, but when trying to do an update on a package
that I know is newer, I get the following error from zypper:
       There is an update candidate for 'git', but it is from a
       different vendor. Use 'zypper install git-' to
       install this candidate.

Now I don't really want to have to have every user do this by hand for
each package that gets added to tumbleweed, so how do I get this to be
automatically overridden due to the fact that the 'git' package really
is newer, and it should be installed.

Note, when running 'zypper dup' it says that there is nothing to do, I
only get the above message when explicitly asking that git be installed,
eventhough git is installed.

Anything I can do to the repo to keep this from happening?

I didn't follow all the Tumbleweed thing. There will not be
installation medias? People is supposed to install openSUSE "normal"
version X and from there pass to Tumbleweed?
The possible solutions are:

- Create the packages with the same vendor than the main distribution
Whatever this makes sense or not depends on how Tumbleweed will
exactly work. The discussion was long... a link to the final decision,

- Set the Tumbleweed repo with a higher priority (lower value) than
anything else.
This way a "zypper dup" will do the update you expect.
Depending on how Tumbleweed works "a higher priority" could mean
different things. Once you add the Tumbleweed repo (the full one, not
only this 3 package test), will you be able to remove the original
main repo? If the original OSS/Non-Oss repos are removed whatever
priority you set to the Tumbleweed repo will be higher than "nothing".
I mean, the "virtual repository" "(System Packages)", that contains
the installed packages that are not available in any configured repo,
always has priority infinity (lowest possible).
A "zypper dup" does just that, install the packages from the
repositories with the higher priority... and will do that even if
those packages are older than the installed ones.

- zypper dup --from Tumbleweed
This will always work, whatever vendor and priorities.
If needed, you can specify multiple repositories: "zypper dup --from
Packman --from Tumbleweed" (the result depending on Packman and
Tumbleweed repo priorities).

About "zypper dup", notice that before the 11.3 libzypp/zypper update
from (last week?) it was subtle broken. So make sure to have it
updated in your tests.
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