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Re: [opensuse-packaging] One step back with devel projects
  • From: Stephan Kulow <coolo@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 10:48:42 +0200
  • Message-id: <200909251048.43009.coolo@xxxxxxx>
Am Freitag 25 September 2009 schrieb Johannes Meixner:

On Sep 24 17:31 Stephan Kulow wrote (shortened):
* We create openSUSE:Factory:Devel as a pool of
packages with single maintainers, maintainers
can move their packages their if they do not
feel they belong in any specific group. In
there you only maintain your package, not the

What exactly is meant with "you only maintain"?

Is it meant as a kind of habit, i.e.
"in openSUSE:Factory:Devel you are obliged
to maintain only your package, not any
other packages in openSUSE:Factory:Devel"
or is it meant as something which is enforced
by the Build Service, i.e.
"only you can maintain your package(s)
(i.e. accept submit requests and so on)
not other people in openSUSE:Factory:Devel
can do this"

If you mean the latter, what happens when there is a severe
issue with a package but its "single maintainer" is not
available for some time (e.g. is on vacation or whatever)?

Right now devel projects are setup all or nothing. If you have
a package in it, you became maintainer for all other packages.
For many projects this works very fine (Publishing, Base:System,
GNOME, KDE, perl - just to name a few). For others it doesn't
(devel:libraries:c_c++ is my favorite "no group feeling" project).

So what I'm proposing is to create a place where you can put
your package if you don't feel connected to any group - technically
for that package. And this group I would setup so that everyone
decides for his package, who maintains it (this doesn't mean it's
a single person).

And the project will be maintained by me, hopefully with the help
of others. Meaning if someone submits a patch and it's not reacted
upon for some time, I will step up and if someone wants to become
maintainer of a homeless package (or the maintainer does not react),
I'll be the one to contact to. It's not that I want more stuff to do,
but I think there are enough projects that do not have that kind of
overall maintainer, that I rather do it for 1 project than doing it for
20 ;(

And I hope we can make that "me" a little group of people.

Greetings, Stephan
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