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Re: [opensuse-packaging] packaging made simple.
  • From: jdd <jdd@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 11:35:52 +0200
  • Message-id: <44E82CF8.50902@xxxxxxxxx>
Henne Vogelsang a écrit :

On Sunday, August 20, 2006 at 09:21:18, jdd wrote:

I would make clear some things before going further. I ask only for short (3 lines max :-) answers, the long one being probably in the doc,

* it seems that small applications, nearly obvious to setup should be easy to package. Is that true or did I miss an important thing (in that case my goal is out of reach)

Yes. The thing is not "small" applications but "simple" applications.
Scripts for instance (like in your example) dont require much.

ok. I will investigate this

* I don't really understand why a package that compile smoothly with ./configure, make, make install can't be packaged on the fly. At first glance, the reqirements are the same.

They are not. A configure/make/make install cycle that you run on your
system is for prepares the application for your system exclusively. With
packaging you "optimize" the configure/make/make install cycle for as
much systems as you can.

yes/no. if the ./configure(...) works on my system and on most systems, it's because somebody made the spec visible somewhere for theses apps. when running ./configure, I'm warned for any dependency lack exactly in the same way as "rpm" do. Of course, I understand than rpm asks for more data, but couldn't the spec file be built on the basis of the configure data? I mean, most doc I read so far say "spec is a recipe" and seems to say one must build it by hand each time. It may prove necessary if the application you are working with was never packaged anywhere, but I wont do so and I don't know of many packages that are not already packaged in some way, so the problem is more fixing the spec to make them openSUSE compliant than making them from scratch.


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