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Re: [suse-multimedia-e] xine dvd support 9.1
*** Reply to message from Mirco <mircobeaker@xxxxxxxxxx> on Sat, 13 Nov
2004 20:51:21 +0000 One more candle and a trip around the Sun***

> 'm running Suse Linux 9.2 prof and to my surprise, given the price I
> had to pay for it, there's no support for webcam and further to that no
> support for dvd.

uh, I supose you mean there is no support for you to WATCH a movie dvd?
That is because of some issuses w/ DVD and the Riaa and various other
stuff that could cause Suse company a lot of grief... you can however
go to and download all the missing things that would
allow you to play the movies you want to see. It isn't a Suse site but
does cover Suse specific rpms. I am not certain if they have all the
stuff completed for 9.2 it did get released a bit before many were
expecting. in which case you will have to use your computer to work for
a week or three while the boys and gals get busy w/ the changes to
current files ...

As for your webcam maybe you should as Creative why they do not supply
a driver for it? Or at least make it's working available so Opensource
drivers can be written for it. After all how is Suse suposed to know
the insides of every bit of hardware available??? And your speil that
somehow Suse is required is a bit wrong. If it , or any hardware,
doesn't work in windows you don't ask MS to fix it you go to the
manufacturer, no?

I am curious about "the price you had to pay for it"?? At full whack it
is still a lot less than any windows OS out there... so perhaps you
could explain that part please? There also are student and upgrade
versions that take it down roughly half of full price.

nemo me impune lacessit

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