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Re: [suse-multimedia-e] sound cards med-high end
*** Reply to message from Curtis Rey <crey@xxxxxxxxxx> on Sat, 27 Mar
2004 17:32:56 -0800***
Hey Curtis,
thanks, for right now the Audgy would be okay except for some left over
problems from long ago creative cards and the way the company just did
business that griped me, not to mention blew up my computer while I am
online w/ theri tech guy who assures me a card bent so the two short
ends nearlly touch would be "just fin dolling, turn it all... crackckle
fstttttt! Pooff, fire! Fire?! Yeah, dammit fire! that was where their
recording sudenly stopped, I pulled teh plug on the box and grabbed a
fire extinguisher... they offered to replace the card for free.. Gee
whiz, it was still on warrenty, handn't actually made a note of actual
sounds, otehr than the kind no one wantes to hear, it blew up my mobo,
fried the pentium chip ( new one too dammit! I also had to get several
other cards which kinda melted a bit, do to the proximity if the heat
and all... ) When it all suddenly became my fault... I got more than a
bit cross but they still refused to accept any blame.

I have a Turtle beach Montery around here somewhere, as well as an old
Namesless card that had what were considered the best sound chips at
the time.. OS/2 users like earlly linuxers no doubt learned to fend
for themselves..

I would love to see some locations that others like yourself oh wise
one ( G) have found good info upon. There is as you no doubt know so
much er, efluvia talked around things like sound and video etc... but
when the end goal is a pro editor you need to be able to see what it
avaiable as well as what it can do ...

> Audigy 24 bit cards.

24 bit sound just is better on the ears... dunno why, it just does.. I
am hoping teh 9.1 w/ the new kernal will pick up the slack on a lot of
multimedia stuff, it is claimed to be much more multimedia friendly.
But the whole OS has grown so fast it's almost dizzy machen !
TIA for any future info...

nemo me impune lacessit

it's just an afterthought; okay ? : Tennis players have fuzzy balls.

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