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Re: [suse-multimedia-e] Help needed
  • From: "Allen" <aseelye@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 17:01:36 -0700
  • Message-id: <3e483d60.2791.0@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I've done something similair to this using two seperate apps. First open KMix
and specify which input to use. This took a little trial and error for me. I'd
highlight one and blow into the mic until I found the right one. Next open up
record, just go to a command prompt and type in "record" (i believe this it
came with sox). This will open up an archaic looking interface but don't let
it scare you. The instructions are right there. I run it with the auto-adjust
turned off, it seems to come out better. When ever your ready to record hut
the spacebar and it will begin outputting to a wave file in your home directory
unless you specify otherwise. When your done jsut hit the spacebar again and
it stops recording.
There a man page for it that is also pretty small and straight forward.
Hope this helps.

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>I know nothing about Multimedia, except how to play/listen to cd's through

>KsCD. I have some tapes of lectures, religious services, etc. that I would

>like to capture to my hard drive and then using K3B burn to cd's. I would

>like to know if there is any software preferrable GUI based that will capture

>the output of the cassette player that is hooked up to the sound input
>connection and save to the hard drive? Also what would be the best format to

>store the files in? Thanks for your help.
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> Ralph.
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