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Re: [suse-multimedia-e] xine/ogle/mplayer slow dvd video output
  • From: David Herman <david.herman@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 16:16:38 -0800
  • Message-id: <200212241616.38880.david.herman@xxxxxxxxx>
On Tuesday 24 December 2002 02:08 pm, Eduard Avetisyan wrote:
> Hi David,
> Are you sure the slow playback is due to slow access to your DVD
> drive?

I ran "xine-check and the output was all good except for the section
that noted :

[ hint ] Your DVD drive seems not to be attached via ATAPI.
This might be due to the use of an ide-scsi emulation.
If you really have a SCSI DVD drive, your SCSI
controller is likely to do perfect DMA, so there's no
reason to worry about this. However, if you're using ide-scsi, there is
a chance that DMA is disabled for the DVD drive.

Indeed my dvd is an IDE drive and for some reason SUSE 8.1 won't let me
set DMA on for any of my drives (Hard drives, cdwriter, dvd). As a
matter of fact I had to change /dev/dvd so it was linked to /dev/sr0
before xine or mplayer would recognize it at all. (originally /dev/dvd
was linked to /dev/hdb) This is a brand new machine (Except for the dvd
drive which worked w/ DMA in its previous life) and everything should
work w/ dma enabled.

I haven't had time to try John Lamb's suggestions but I thought I read
recently about changes SuSE made in their dvd/cdrom handling in the
most recent release. I suspect this is the source of my problem.

Thanks for your continued help


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