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Re: [opensuse-marketing] closing old facebook pages
On 29.10.2011 Andreas wrote:
On Friday, October 28, 2011 10:29:10 PM Jos Poortvliet wrote:
Heya all,

I did a google search for our facebook pages. Google said that
these are the ones we currently have:;
product/service with 2600 likes;
Interest with 5200 likes;
community page with 5280 likes;
group page with 5900 members

I do not know who owns the first one, but I think it should go. I

Here's the list that contains all the information I collected:

I know, I added & changed things also based on the pages I found which
were not (yet) mentioned there :D

Bryen making frequent posts, maybe he can make that happen? We
should then try and let people know that the other pages are the
ones they should go to.

There are 6 admins - including Bryen and myself. I didn't know it was
not documented on the wiki page, so just did it.

Aah, ok. Any chance we can close that page & send a message to ppl it's
closed, or just put a big warning saying "this page is closed, the
official openSUSE facebook page is HERE (link)"?

In that regard, the second one, despite the 5200 likes, should imho
go too. Again I do not know who 'owns' it but I see Stuart making
frequent posts, could you do this, Stuart? Then we need to get you
and byren added to the ones left: the community page and the
facebook group.

These two are the most active so I think it makes most sense to
focus on them. And obviously I'd rather see the OpenSUSECentral
stay as it has a much prettier URL. I will try to get
OpenSUSECentral renamed to openSUSE. There is an individual with
that name, let's see if we can get it. If not, let's at least try
to rename OpenSUSECentral to openSUSECentral.

Gertjan is one of the masters of the OpenSUSECentral page. Gertjan,
could you give me and SatManUK (stuart tanner, access too? Stuart
offered to be our social media master for the openSUSE 12.1
release so he has things to post to the page and I just like to be
in control :D

Jos, Stuart offered to work Facebook and one russion team - but not
all of Social media AFAIR.

Ow, sorry stuart, for trying to put more work on your shoulders :D

Comments, suggestions? Please, if you know who can change anything
on the first two pages, let me know! If we can't remove them we
can at least put a notice and a link there to our 'big' pages...

Consolidation is good. The question is for me, is how to do it best -
and whether it makes sense t ohave both a page and a group or not.

We now have 5 or 6 pages. 3 should obviously go. If we manage that we've
got a huge improvement. Let's then keep the two biggest pages (one
group, one 'interest page') open. The group has seen a lot of work by
chuck to see it alive and is the biggest we have. The page has the
nicest link (openSUSECentral) so we should try to keep that one too


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