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Re: [opensuse-marketing] desktop statistics...
Am Sonntag 17 Juli 2011, 17:46:15 schrieb Kim Leyendecker:

At first, it seems like a good idea to find out how many desktop users
openSUSE has, indeed. *But* I´m getting kinda nervous when you´re
talking about cookies. This could be misunderstood by the community,
_even_ it´s a "good" one.
There is hardly a thing like a "good" cookie IMO. Even if its for a
good reason in our opinion, it is data that is associated to an IP address
which (at least in germany) can be followed back to personal identity
under circumstances.

There´s SUSE Greeter isn´t it? And it starts on every installed KDE
desktop (at least) right after the installation (I don´t know how it´s
like under GNOME and the other desktops, but I think we can talk to the
GNOME team, if necessary.) Why not implementate a survey on SUSE Greeter?

Good point, but I instead wonder why we do not kill SUSE Greeter and
use the first browser page instead. That would be more cool content, more
recent, more flexible. And the number of not connected desktops is probably
not very high any more.

This survey could contain the following questions?

* Which desktop do you use (KDE, GNOME, LXDE, Xfce etc.)
* Which browser do you use
* Are you happy with openSUSE?
* What can we do better in future?
This can be cool if somebody really reads and processes it.


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