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Re: [opensuse-marketing] Fwd: flyer
On 01/30/2011 12:35 AM, Jos Poortvliet wrote:
On 2011-01-28 Helen wrote:
That's because it's just about impossible to find a good one in the
format I want. I tried looking on GIT and could only find a SVG which
downloaded as a pile of code.

GIT is HORRIBLE to find things on - I hate having to click through
fifty different folders to find things, and there's hardly any jpgs or
pngs, and I have to click before I can see what it looks like. It just
makes no sense at all.

Can we have the final artwork put on the WIKI and made easy to find
please? One page with a graphical index.

Fully agreed. I know Robert has a lot of stuff on his computer and I think I
want to have it in form of a big tar.bz2 and take it with me to the marketing
meeting. There we can sort through it and put it all online. ANYTHING we
create, for whatever purpose, should go on the wiki! Including sources!


Or else gather together some and email it to the list so I can have it
ready to go on my hard drive.

COPYRIGHTS - dister logo is from here
and I think is ok to use in this context as far as I can tell (ie,
talking about Studio).

My assumption with marketing materials is that they essentially belong
to openSUSE. I havent' followed the entirety of the current copyright
discussion. Any writing I do for other markets (such as magazine
articles) I'll clearly mark with a copyright notice

So it's (cc) or (c)openSUSE as far as I'm concerned. (Jos??)

Public domain as far as I am concerned, as free as possible at least :D
CC by SA or so would probably do. We want ppl to USE this material!



Dear Helen & Jos ...
Sure we should have the sources online, but wiki is just a pain in A (yes a big

Tools source control are really cool things. as we can track quickly what
change or not, and what was the modification.
With svg is more easy, you can just get the patch about it. Mainly asking
hostmaster to allow the svg type and not text/plain
for svg files.

Sure the web base browsing interface should be adjusted to perhaps offer a
preview. but once you have it locally why bothering
about the web things.

What would be nice is to have more people able to commit to the git artwork
repo, and try to find a way to have one for
marketing too.

I'm describing now why we must use it.

In April or May, if the deal ends with Attachmate, lot's of stuff will need to
be revised.
Without an scm, we would just end in an horrible mess about what to change, who
change it, when it was change last time.
All that kind of queries can be run on scm, none of them would be available in
Having a kind of gallery, updated automagically, git clone on a website and
it's done ...

My main issue with the wiki, is if someone for good or bad reason destroy a
page, or change the wiki yet another time we will
loose all of what's inside it. Who can actually said, that all of the stuff
present in the old-en.o.o was now in en.o.o
etc etc ...

you will certainly understand, that's I'm not a big fan about the wiki, but yes
I also want all marketing material somewhere
online. In a manageable way that would be cool.

Do we need help from a master of Git : certainly. So he can help each of us
which are non-dev's to understand how to work with
this great tools.


Bruno Friedmann
Ioda-Net Sàrl

openSUSE Member & Ambassador
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irc: tigerfoot
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