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Re: [opensuse-marketing] Help wanted... Marketing / Ambassadors

We live pretty close. I'll try to setup things and see if we get some
projection from the City Hall and talk this over with the Executive
Board of the Escola Secundária de Estarreja.

Since we are close, we try to develop a model (to be improved in the
future) and you are welcome to join us. This has to be done post-labor
hours or on a saturday.

We can probably strectch the schedule for 8 hours. For later editions
we can see how to include a LIP on it.

I'm more interested in knowing what we should approach and which

After we get a plan and document it we should go for it, at least i
plan to go for it.

We can later try to do it in Aveiro or other locations. But for now we
must thing over about the contents of this so we can present a proper
document to the school and to the city hall. I also need to discuss with
the school adminitration other issues, because those kids are actually
minors and they might need parental permission for extra-school hours.
In a way making it an official school workshop could probably cut the
slack on us regarding those legal issues that rise with minors.
Something to take a look later on.


On Fri, 2010-08-20 at 20:49 +0100, Carlos Gonçalves wrote:

On 2010/08/20, at 18:31, Nelson Marques wrote:
If there is possibility of me, or anyone else, or even me and other
volunteer to give them a small 10 hour crash course on how to jump into
openSUSE and explore possibilities with a group of students... Would
anyone be interested in developing the contents for a 10 hour event with
students ?

That's a great idea. Usually people just give talks up to 45 minutes and most
of the time is spent on non-technical aspects which are what people typically
are not interested in.

Count me in on whatever you may need to organize these crash courses in

Has someone done this before or has anything we can use? Anyone can
share some experiences on this field ?

I've seen lately some activity around this topic on PlanetSUSE, but can't
find right now the blog posts I saw the other day with a class room full of
people learning on how to use openSUSE, etc.

Would you mind that I would make this happen around openSUSE ?

I'm pretty confident that the anyone's opinion is "Go for it! Thanks!" ;-)

What would be the steps that one would take inside the openSUSE
community to prepare a crash program to present to 'new users' on
openSUSE. How would we split the topics and fit them... for example:

- 1 theoretical group
-- The open source vision
-- Value and Deployment
-- The openSUSE values and Community
-- the openSUSE resources to the community
-- Ramp into openSUSE enrollment
- 1 practical group
-- Installing openSUSE Linux
-- Configuration openSUSE Linux / YaST
-- Repository management / info
-- Software Groups
-- Basic Service Configuration (popular stuff: apache, mysql, postfix,

I might be forgetting things that are important, but this is pretty
much a mockup of a potential 'service plan'.

As said above, people don't pay much attention on theory because it's bored
(most of it is, we must admit it) and as so I truly recommend only to spend,
say, 1/10 of the crash course time on theoretical stuff.

Keep up the good work!

Carlos Gonçalves

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