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Re: [opensuse-artwork] Re: [opensuse-marketing] build an art team

A little status update for the first meeting openSUSE Art-Team. Since my
last mail, we interested new people to join the team. We have 10
interested people now.

The doodle vote ( ) used 8 ppl right
now and the best termin is on saturday. But there are 3 people the cant
attend there.

ebbo cant on all dates, when u have some point there is important for u
tell us. So that we can respect ur points in the meeting. The same for
psankar and krish, hey can make it on saturday.

But there are 2 ppl they havent participate on the doodle vote yet.
Maybe here opinion change the date, thats possible.

I set the the last posibility for participate on the doodle vote on the
next satruday thats the 23rd. After that date I choose the date with the
most attendees and write on sunday an agende (tell ur point on wiki
page). I publish this agenda on the discussion page
( behind the wiki page. So that all
can participate on it.
On monday we should announce ur meeting. ebbo made the point we should
make an protocol of the meeting. Thats right, I think we should use the
meetbot like all other teams and archive the log on
There is only one problem only ops can use the bot. I have to find out
who have operator rights in the chan.

One last point. henne tell me its ugly to crosspost on diferent lists
and he has right. Thats my last crossposting to marketing and artwork,
so make sure u have subscribed the artwork list and answer to this list
in the future.

br gnokii


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