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[opensuse-marketing] Report from Atlanta Linux Fest
  • From: Chuck Payne <terrorpup@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2009 08:39:45 -0400
  • Message-id: <630b55a80909200539i78bdf659rfbb0ab86729fb639@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I am happy to say that the Atlanta Linux Fest was a great hit. They
were planning for only fewer than 500 people, but ended up with a turn
out of 600+. I am happy to say that all the stuff that Zonker sent was
all passed out and we still had people wanting more. We answer all the
questions they has. Demo the 11.1 for a bit until my laptop died
(there was no power on the wall we were on).

The talked that I gave on the openSUSE Community seem to go over well,
a lot people were surprise at all the stuff we had to offer (Build
Service, SUSE Studio, Factory, and openSUSE Li-f-e). The SUSE Studio
seem to really impress a lot of people. Tons of questions, tons of
comments from people says they us, or that they will give us a try.
The magazine from LixunPro with the Live Disc was a hit. By the way,
one the things that amazed me, was I meet a guy from Turkey who been
using openSUSE there was surprise to see us this Fest and was happy
for us

The Fedora Ambassador were they and were impress with us and wanted to
help us out. They intorduced me to Dave Yates of Lotta Linux Links
Podcast (, who wants to talked to me
about the Ambassador program. Also a few people that were from other
parts of the country asking me how to become Ambasssador because they
too want to go out spread the word of openSUSE.

I meet Katina Ferguson and husband from from Foss threads, everyone needs to check them out. I am
only pointing the out because their business makes T-Shirts for the
open source community. What really impressed me about them was they
use openSUSE, inkscape, and GIMP to create their shirts. I am
thinking it who be cool that we have in future in the newsletter
articles to over openSUSE in the work place.

I talked with Arron from the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts at their
November Meeting I am going to do launch party for 11.2, we are
working out the details.

So a great fest! I am happy that I could help.

Zonkers, they told me they did miss you. They tell me they will be in
contact with me about next year fest.

Discover it! Enjoy it! Share it! openSUSE Linux.
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