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Re: [opensuse-marketing] spokesperson - first draft

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Subject: Re: [opensuse-marketing] spokesperson - first draft

As mentioned before we are thinking about how to gain more marketshare, a
bigger community, more local support ... whatever you want to call it. Thats a
good point, we also need a name for it! :-) It would be similar to the fedora
ambassador or Ubuntu LoCo but most of us think that a unique name for it
would help a lot. So please put some fuel into your brains and tell us what
your favorite is! In this draft we are using the term spokesperson to have
at least one ... (and yes, this not describes all the tasks ...).

The openSUSE Project is largely managed by Novell employees, but that's
not the long-term vision for the project. As the openSUSE Project
matures, we want to be more inclusive and find ways for openSUSE
community members to take up equal responsibility for the growth and
promotion of openSUSE.

We already have openSUSE supporters who are doing an awesome job of
building a community locally. We want to find ways to assist those
members, and make the most of their experience to expand to new local

The spokesperson concept will improve the situation and create an environment
in which the creation of local openSUSE spokespersons and teams is easier, to
support openSUSE and Linux in local areas and channel feedback to the
openSUSE project.

Here is a list, this is a rough draft and feedback is highly

*Who can be a spokesperson
- everybody who signed the guiding principles and is an openSUSE member
Q: is this necessary?
- everybody who is willing to put time and effort to support the project and
Linux/FOSS in general
- everbody who likes to communicate with other people

*What are the tasks of a spokesperson?
- in general these community members should spread the word about openSUSE in
their area, like:
- promote openSUSE
- dispatch openSUSE DVDs/CDs
- contact to local LUGs
- attend events (tradeshows, university, community etc.), give presentations
- help updating the event calendar on news.o.o
- contact for local community (in person, chat, mailinglists etc.) and get
feedback to the project
- mentor other interested people
- create/maintain local wiki page for their region on
- write reports from events, meetings etc on news or lizards.o.o
- create/maintain a localized wiki, minimum set of basic pages (approx. 15)
- maintain a localized mailinglist/forum on
- create - if necessary or requested - a local group of
(this should address the case if more people per region want to help)
- attract contributors to the project

This sounds like a lot of work. Sure, it's work but it's managable in a
reasonable time, especially if you doing it for some time, and you don't have
to do it alone. We support the idea of having more than one spokesperson for
a territory. See the list rather as a "would be nice" instead of "have to"
Q: How to organize this? Is it "everbody can join", do we need a "master"
spokesperson for the territory, how will it be decided? Of course we
support: "do and you are it", but we probably can't support 50 people for
Germany for example.
Q: is there something "below" or "above" a spokespersons? Do we need a (quite
flat) hierarchy like country spokesperson - local spokesperson - assistant -
helper? If yes there should be a definition of these terms.
Q: do we need a spokesperson council which makes decision if problems can't be
resolved otherwise? Is the board responsible for that?

*What does Novell provide? (since there is no decision on the budget so far,
please don't nail us on that ... use them as ideas ...)
- welcome box (t-shirts, caps, Promo DVDs), to be resend with each new release
- special business cards (template or real)
- special t-shirt
- a special guide/howto to make it easier and better organized
- event box (portable booth, signage, banner, flyer, poster etc.)
- give-aways, spiffs
- certain budget for travel
- create a spokesperson day parallel or a day prior to the openSUSE conference
- single point of contact to drive the program and manage travel, DVD
shipment, events etc.
- exclusive mailinglist for spokespersons to allign our efforts (albeit it's
public anyway to get feedback)

*Benefits for spokesperson
- becomes opensuse member after certain period of time and proven support and
receives a email address
Q: or do they have to be members in the first place?
- reputation, fame, pride
- gets once a year a present
- invitation to the openSUSE conference

(draft by michl, Zonker & /me)
with kind regards,

Martin Lasarsch, Core Services
SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, Maxfeldstr. 5 90409 Nürnberg
GF: Markus Rex, HRB 16746 (AG Nürnberg)
martin.lasarsch@xxxxxxx -

So I've been out of the loop for the past couple of days because of technical troubles, but I think this is an excellent idea! Depending on the budget, I'd like to see there be one "openSUSE Spokesman" per local group... if that's technically & financially feasable.

On a semi-sidenote related to this idea, I've been working with a program by a major political party in this country doing a similar project... local people leading the way to organize events and rally people around their "product". I'm one of these local coordinators and it's a sometimes rough but fun job, and I can see improvements in the message we're trying to spread being gained. So I think it is a great idea, and I'd love to get involved, perticularly involving the Local User Groups.
Kevin "Yeaux" Dupuy - openSUSE Member
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