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Re: [opensuse-marketing] spokesperson - first draft
  • From: Jan Weber <jan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 22:28:46 +0200
  • Message-id: <48E13A7E.8020502@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Martin Lasarsch wrote:
good point, we also need a name for it! :-)
lizard +1 from my side, although i also like andreas's evangelist
We already have openSUSE supporters who are doing an awesome job of
building a community locally. We want to find ways to assist those
members, and make the most of their experience to expand to new local

Here is a list, this is a rough draft and feedback is highly

*Who can be a spokesperson
- everybody who signed the guiding principles and is an openSUSE member
Q: is this necessary?

imho yes, the "spokesperson" should be contributer and member
- everbody who likes to communicate with other people

+1 very important
Q: How to organize this? Is it "everbody can join", do we need a "master"
spokesperson for the territory, how will it be decided? Of course we
support: "do and you are it", but we probably can't support 50 people for
Germany for example.

Difficult to decide, i think two maybe three per region (maybe make it
dependent on people living there)
Q: is there something "below" or "above" a spokespersons? Do we need a (quite
flat) hierarchy like country spokesperson - local spokesperson - assistant -
helper? If yes there should be a definition of these terms.

There should be something like that imho.
Q: do we need a spokesperson council which makes decision if problems can't
resolved otherwise? Is the board responsible for that?

Would be a good point for the board, manage the spokespersons
*What does Novell provide? (since there is no decision on the budget so far,
please don't nail us on that ... use them as ideas ...)
- welcome box (t-shirts, caps, Promo DVDs), to be resend with each new release
- special business cards (template or real)
- special t-shirt
- a special guide/howto to make it easier and better organized
- event box (portable booth, signage, banner, flyer, poster etc.)
- give-aways, spiffs
- certain budget for travel
- create a spokesperson day parallel or a day prior to the openSUSE conference
- single point of contact to drive the program and manage travel, DVD
shipment, events etc.
- exclusive mailinglist for spokespersons to allign our efforts (albeit it's
public anyway to get feedback)

Generally i like the idea of a "spokesperson" program


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