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Re: [opensuse-m17n] Does our xim process need an update?
> On this point, the default settings should be "auto select depending on
> the current locale"
> so far.

Sorry, I think I didn't express my thought very clearly, See the previous discussion:

> 3, Select the default IM framework base language(current locale) is useless in my opinion,
> So I think select-im only accept an IM name parameter, and set for current user is enough.
> also, no need to divide in locale.d sub-folders. See my previous email.

> For IM "frameworks", it makes little sense to limit per locale,
> indeed. Most of IM frameworks are locale-agnostic. Rather their
> input method (engine) is specific to locale. e.g. only ibus or fcitx
> package is installed without the engine like ibus-mozc, it's almost
> useless.
> A related question is whether we should mandate the IM framework for
> all locales. If user doesn't need more than XKB, why another layer
> should be there to make things complicated?

> On the other hand,
- We still don't know which customer doesn't need more than XKB.
+ We still don't know which customer only need XKB.
> So I think the better solution is to make an option on
> chameleon-tongue/profile.d
> of XKB(No IM Frame work but only XKB).
+ At the same time, abandon "auto select depending on the current locale"
> Please notice that even we choose by locales, it will not always be right.

> Right. Currently "none" corresponds to XKB, as XKB is always there as
> default on X.

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