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Re: [opensuse-m17n] Does our xim process need an update?

- Migration from old /etc/X11/xim setup;
we need to keep the setup as much as possible. How can it be done

Honestly, no good idea.
But I know many users use automatic selection of IMF or have only one
IMF on their system.

The new script have a chance to be more interactive, which means
it can show its dialog or message to set up IMs after some system changes.
So they should be able to switch to the new launcher and set up IMs smoothly.

- Let's add a description file to each profile directory, e.g. create
a file /usr/lib/input-method/profile.d/XXX/description, so that a
program that selects IM can show the content of each entry more

Sounds good!

- Is the start of daemon solely done by the desktop file?
What if a bare DE that doesn't start desktop files?

It should have a black list of DEs that do not support desktop files.
If the current session is one of them, the script in /etc/X11/xinput.rc.d/
can start an IMF in the same way as the current script.

- The ugly g-s-d workaround: can we implement this in a bit smarter
way once when we redesign the framework?

The workaround does not work as expected anymore on 13.2.
(Let's discuss in a new thread)

An idea is to ask users if they use IBus (only on GNOME) or not.

- It would be safer if we can avoid python for select-im...

2, The bin floder have 2 scripts, select-im is written in python,
Yes. Python can be optional on openSUSE, so keeping in bash script
would be the best, IMO.

It is just the first prototype.
I've already rewritten it into a native application.

Then, I want to avoid a complex shell script, which is one of my motivation.

1, These codes have copyright,
I'm not sure if there will be some trouble to merge into OpenSUSE.

That's normal BSD-3-cause. I think there should be no problem.
Of course, I can change the license if needed.

4, In /misc/ folder, user use an icon to trigger auto select isn't friendly.
I think we will have a GUI program in future, list all IM framework to
allow customer choose 1.
I guess this isn't about icon or menu item to launch by a user
manually but rather an auto-start desktop file.


3, Select the default IM framework base language is useless in my opinion,
So I think select-im only accept an IM name parameter, and set for current
user is enough.
also, no need to divide in locale.d sub-folders. See my previous email.

Automatic selection feature may become unnecessary if we get a new configuration

However, we still need a way showing a recommended IMF or combination of IMF
and engines,
which depends on the current locale.

Note that there are (still) input methods that does not depend on
any IMF such as Fcitx nor IBus.

An example is Hime, which is the default IM for zh_TW.
Mozc might become a such type of IM after the IBus support is dropped.

Freedom sometimes limit smartness...

5, In /profile.d/ you gracefully write fcitx and ibus scripts here.
but We should remember that there may be other IM frame like: scim, xim ...
Also custemer may remove ibus or fcitx manually.
So these start scripts are suppose to keep in the inputmethod rpms,
On the other hand, The select program is independent and installed by

Yeah, it's still not designed how to integrate this to each package,
as it seems. My understanding is that each package provides the
profile, just like currently doing to /etc/X11/xim.d/*.

I assume that the scripts are contained by every IMF package.

Now I cannot do so, there are subpackages of chameleon-tongue:

If chameleon-tongue keep some catalog of input methods, then it can help users
to install required packages.

It will be a nice feature to me.

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