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Re: [opensuse-m17n] Problems with edict package license
Satoru Matsumoto wrote:

you might have replied only to me. ;-)

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: [opensuse-m17n] Problems with edict package license
From: w.l.engl<w.l.engl@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: Satoru Matsumoto<helios_reds@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu Aug 23 2012 16:57:50 GMT+0900 (JST)

Satoru Matsumoto wrote:
I guess only a few people uses these packages.
I'll ask Japanese community, including other distributions guys, how
they think.
Dear friends,

I am one of those "few people" who desperately need edict within GIJTEN,
which also contains wadokujt. Both are definitely necessary for
communicating in Japanese.
Mike Fabian gave me instrutions how to implement GIJTEN, I lost these
and hence are still using open SUSE 11.3 (i586) because I am a simple
user and don't know how implement GIJTEN in a newer version. I lost
contact with Mike, who introduced me to m17nn, after he got married to a
Japanese lady.
Would any body help me please.
For example, if you use openSUSE 12.1, follow steps below:

1) Add M17N repo to your install source.

2) Install gjiten and wadokujt packages (and their requirements, if needed).

3) Launch Gjiten.

4) Edit -> Preferences -> Add "/usr/share/edict/wadokujt" as
'Japanisch-Deutsch' (or any other name as you like)

Then, you'll be able to select 'Japanisch-Deutsch' on Gjiten.

By the way, when you are online, you can use for
your communicating in Japanese. ;-)


Dear Mr. Matsumoto:

I acted according to your advise and everything worked fine: Open Suse 12.3 (Dartmouth) (x86 64)
gjiten 2.6.
Now I need a new notebook/netbook. A knowlegeable friend wrote me, it is difficult even in Akihabara to find such an item with US-keyboard. If I buy one in Germany
I can get it only with German-keyboard and don't know if
gjiten would run.
By the way edict and wadokujt are both neccessary. To give an example:
不動産取得税 real estate acquisition tax=correct
不動産取得税 Grundsteuer=wrong, correct is Grunderwerbssteuer
vice versa also happens.

Your advise would again highly be appreciated.

Thank you and best regards

W.L. Engl

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