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Re: [m17n] Poblems with scim
  • From: Mike FABIAN <mfabian@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 13:02:20 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <s3tptjy92vv.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Marc Waeckerlin <Marc.Waeckerlin@xxxxxxxxxxx> さんは書きました:

> I have some questions, problems with SCIM, i.e. the SuSE packages from M.
> Fabian:
> Intoduction: Since I found no way to install arbitrary RPMs from YaST, I
> installed the scim with "rpm -ivh scim*" (and I already tried to recover the
> problems with "rpm --rebuilddb" twice). I upgrade my system with YOU daily, I
> also downloaded and installed all new SuSE KDE packages.
> SCIM corrupts YaST software update:
> 1) The dependencies seem to be corrupt. I installed scim-0.5.1-0. When I
> start YaST, it complains that all other scim packages (scim-config-gconf,
> scim-devel, ...) have an unresolved dependency to "scim = 0.5.1-". That
> should be "scim = 0.5.1-0", I suppose or better "scim >= 0.5.1".

That is a YaST2 bug. The YaST2 developers are already investigating this. Just
ignore it for the moment, it doesn't cause any trouble.

> 2) What's worse: If I then click "Ignore All" and "Yes, Really" (or how it is
> translated english, I use german), then I get a dialog "Ignore all changes?
> Yes/No". This dialog reappears in an endless loop, regardles whether I click
> "Yes" or "no". I can no more access YaST software update. The only way is to
> kill YaST (with xkill, respectively Ctrl-Alt-Esc).

This is caused by a bug in Qt 3. To fix it use the qt3-3.1.2-* packages from

> Next problem: PinYin:
> 1) What's "Smart" Chinese Pin Yin?
> - Is there a "normal" Chinese Pin Yin (preferabely open source)?
> - Does "Smart" mean "automatic reordering" or "automatic completion"?
> If so, then I'd prefer a "non smart" Pin Yin...

It means that you can enter complete words like "nihao" even without
indication for tones and they will be converted correctly.

The "non smart" Pin Yin methods usually require you to select each
character separately and/or indicate the tones with number or
something like that.

> 2) Isn't it allowed to mirror the Pin Yin method in mfabian's home?
> Get all from the same source would make installation easier.

I don't know, I must ask the author of SCIM.

> 3) Will a Pin Yin method for SCIM be included in next SuSE?

A non-smart Pin Yin method is inluded in the open source parts of SCIM
and in xcin. xcin also has a "smart" Pin Yin method but only for
traditional Chinese (I don't know how "smart" and how it compares with
the "smart" Pin Yin for SCIM).

I don't know whether the "smart" Pin Yin for SCIM can be included, I
have to ask the author. Probably not.

> 4) RPM Installation of Smart Pin Yin fails with message: "error:
> scim-chinese-0.2.3-1ul1.i386.rpm cannot be installed", unfortunately with no
> reason why it cannot be installed.

I cannot reproduce that, I can install it without problems on
SuSE Linux 8.2.

Mike Fabian <mfabian@xxxxxxx>

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