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Re: [opensuse-lxde] Screen Savers are they causing more harm then good?
  • From: Andrea Florio <andrea@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 19:40:38 +0200
  • Message-id: <4BB0E616.2050306@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
i'm not sure what to say... even if i agree with you, i think i should
not remove he screensaver, is up to the user, IMHO to disable/uninstall
it if he don't like it.

i hope you can understand that.

(of course if more people will complain with that and agree with you, we
will vote it)

Best Regards

Il 29/03/2010 17:39, Marc Telesha ha scritto:
I think there needs to be a rethinking of use of a "Screen Saver."
Currently the screen goes into some weird 3D geometrical screen. For
what purpose?

CRT monitors can have burn ins and plasma displays can maybe have an
issue but for the vast majority it is not necessary.

ON LCD screens these "Screen Savers" make a LCD have a shorter life
span and consume electricity as if it was running under normal care.

The computer uses more energy on a "Screen Saver" then when it runs
under normal usage. CPU usage and memory are used when in reality they
could just used by power management to be turned off due to
inactivity. When I come back to my computer and the screen saver is
turned off my CPU monitor is almost at 100% usage and then drops to 3%
or 4% after the screen saver is turned off. (I would love it if it
realized a video file was being played and not turn of the screen but
thats a whole different issue.

I think these things make a screen saver against the stated purpose
of LXDE as stated on the LXDE wiki:
"LXDE, Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment, is a desktop environment
which is lightweight and fast. It is designed to be user friendly and
slim, and keep the resource usage low. LXDE uses less RAM and less CPU
while being a feature rich desktop environment."

Why do people use Screen Savers?
1. Its called a screen saver and why not save your screen?
2. Its pretty and all the other DE and OS have them.
3. The only reason I find legit. To lock your desktop when you step
away. (I just do my fast keyboard shortcut but to each their own)

Why do we have screen savers in OpenSUSE LXDE? Am I wrong to think
they do more harm then good?


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