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Re: [opensuse-lxde] lxde live cds and wiki
  • From: Andrea Florio <andrea@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2010 13:15:20 +0100
  • Message-id: <4BA36AD8.4030706@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Il 15/03/2010 11:58, mail@xxxxxxxxxxx ha scritto:

please test them and provide feedback.

finally working fine for me ;)
will have a much closer look on it on mon/tue next week, testing all possible

Any feedback?

== LXDE Team ==

this is a call for army :) we need you guys, please Join the team

sir, yes, sir.
I think LXDE is really a project worth to spend some time and effort in!

Thank you very much!

== Wiki ==

I'm working on wiki... i'm actually improve the main page, and i'm going
to create new pages like [3]

i wonder if any of you can help me, my plan is to provide a page about
any single lxde application, like LXDE/lxdm LXDE/pcmanfm LXDE/libfm and
so on.
Perhaps the main "design" should be developed first?
Like the structure (pages, sub-pages, linking).
If that's ready, I'd come to...

I'm creating the structure, help on that way is really wanted too

== Translators ==
Last but mot least, Translators??

We need people that want to help with translations, you can translate
wiki on your language, and even applications, (check X11:lxde/lxcc)
I can continue the wiki translation into German. The main part seems to be
finished, last update dec-09. I'll have a close look at it shortly.
Regarding apps: if the translation-team does that - fine. If not - how to?
Most things seem to be translated into German although pcmanfm is completely
not (at least in my installation).

lxde use transferix for translations, you can create an account at and ask to join german translation team


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