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[opensuse-kubic] manifestes for kubernetes workload?


most of the time, pods/services/deployments for kubernetes have their
source on, the containers somewhere in a registry and you
can deploy them using a yaml manifest on, e.g.
kubectl apply -f

Now we have already packaged some stuff, build a RPM from it in our
buildservice, build a container from it in our buildservice, publish
the container in our registry.
How do we want to provide the manifest?
We cannot point to OBS or an RPM. So my idea was, to build a sub-package,
which contains the manifest with the adjusted image url pointing to our
registry, install them by default on kubic and the user can use that to
deploy the containers.

I only would like to specify this, so that not everybody is using something

1. I think it should be easy to identify the RPM, so e.g. something like
Which suffix could we use for this?
2. What would be a good location in the filesystem?
One directory for everything?
Every RPM having it's own directory?

Any ideas or opinions?
Any better ideas?


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